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Who We Are

The mission and purpose of BrokerUp is to empower, support and inspire real estate broker owners in their quests to build ethical, profitable companies.

We do this through BrokerUp, an intensive 12 week management strategy and setup program that broker owners and managers work through with a group of their peers.

Even though the program is 12 weeks, lifetime program access ensures you’re never behind. You can always come back to modules that take more time.

Better yet, additional support opportunities offered through Host Management Group ensure you don’t get stuck.

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By the end of the BrokerUp Program, you’ll have:


By going through the BrokerUp Program, you’ll develop clarity around your business goals and strategy, and how you want to operate your business. You’ll establish your whys, and an effective mission and vision for your company.

Effective Strategy

Throughout the program, you will learn HOW to assess your competition, your finances and make decisions that will lead to profit. You will create a unique business model for your brokerage and a clear value proposition, intended to put you ahead of the competition in your marketplace

Defined Marketing & Sales Plans

From your established ideals and unique business strategy, you’ll develop a clear marketing plan and establish the technological pathways needed to implement. This will help your brokerage reach not only your ideal agent, but your community at large.

Structured Operations Management

Together, we’ll create agent development strategies and procedures, as well as human resources policies and procedures. You’ll also create an employee development and support structure. All of this will be based on your business ideals, mission and strategy, so you’ll be able to run your business in a way that aligns with your values.

Yes! Clearly my brokerage would make a profit if I could get all of these things done! Sign me up!

Week by Week: The 12 Modules of BrokerUp

Week 1 – Core Business Ideals

Gain clarity on your “Why” and develop details about your “Who”. Determine your core ideals which influence all of the other aspects of your brokerage.

Week 2 – Competitive Analysis

Conduct a complete environmental & competitor analysis. This is going to help you determine HOW and where you’re going to differentiate your brokerage from the masses.

Week 3 – Financial Assessment

Conduct a financial analysis, set profit goals and make a line item annual budget. You will determine where you stand financially, and from that, where you can go in terms of profitability.

Week 4 – Mission and Vision

Craft an effective (and useful) company mission and vision that works with your pre-determined ideals and values. Clarifying your mission and vision is going to help you lead your team to success.

Week 5 – Strategy

Define your unique business strategy to launch ahead of your competition. This module will include the creation of your growth strategy, competitive strategy,  financial strategy and more.

Week 6 – Unique Value Proposition

Create your unique value proposition that not only incorporates your values, but truly speaks to your ideal agent (and their clients!)

Week 7 – Communication and Brand Strategy

Develop your brand identity: This is how you will express everything we’ve done so far to your agents, employees and your community at large.

Week 8 – Marketing Plan

Develop your marketing and sales plans, and setup the tech tools to help run your marketing and sales systems.

Week 9 – Operations Management

Solidify your operations management strategy, including policies and procedures, and deciding on what tech tools you need to run your brokerage efficiently and effectively.

Week 10 – Agent Development

Establish your agent and client development programs. Agent hiring, onboarding, offboarding, empowerment, support systems and how you’re going to lead is all covered in this module.

Week 11 – Employee Development

Establish your Human Resources Procedures including your employee development and support programs. Hiring procedures, onboarding, offboarding, advancement procedures are all covered here.

Week 12 – Brokerage Transformation Projects

Initiate Transformation Projects. Within the BrokerUp program, you will find areas of your brokerage that need more work. Here is where you’ll determine what projects to initiate, how, and when.

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